How To Achieve Your Goal

I want to share with us today how you can ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL. A goal which might have been giving you a very big though time to get through. I know how hard it was for me when I started my goal setting. When I was still of little age, around 9-12 years of age that was the first time I heard of what goal setting is but I never took it serious because it was as if I was still a child then. In my academic pursuit, I was too poor not that I am not intelligent but because I never followed
this simple trick of goal setting. I never read my books as a student I played and wasted my time not knowing. But glory be to God that I still managed to deviate from those setbaks.
     My journey began when I was being change to a new school where I met serious students who were diligent and aiming high for success. I tell you, until you change the people around you, you will always have what you got. I was motivated by the new people around me so I now started implementing my goal setting. I will list how you will start your goal and achieve it.

1. THE WAY YOU THINK:- One thing that hinders us from being what we want ourselves to be is the mind. You need to know that the mind is everything in this world. What you think you become with the aid of the mind. When a problem first comes, it is the mind that will tackle it first and sends it to the body. When you position your mind in such a way that when a problem comes you can be able to manage and handle it then you are good in this process. You know that people are different so I will tell each and everyone reading this post, that you should think POSITIVE in everything you are doing. When a problem comes and it looks as if it is too big. Instead of thinking negatively towards the issue, just know that for every problem you encounter in this world that people  before you have already encountered it. So there is no problem no matter how big it seems to look that nobody hasn’t seen or faced before ,so, I urge you to think POSITIVELY.

2. DECIDE UPON YOUR TRUE GOAL:- When you have decided on your goal, the only way you will obtain and always remember your goal is by writing it down. This process will help you a lot because I believe that the only way you can remember anything quickly is by jotting or writing it down. A new year’s resolution that is not  written down is just a dream and dreams are not goals. Try as possible to at least get a good jotter where you place all your goals. Likewise me I decided to own a jotter  where all the goals I want to achieve are written down. This is helping me a lot because it reminds me of the things I need to achieve. NOTE:- Make the jotter for writing down your goals handy because you need to be with it all the time. Write down your positive goals and develop a plan to reach them.

3. TAKE ACTION:- Setting your goal is not the main priority because without taking action towards the already set goal you are nowhere. I tell you I was once this way, just write my goals but fail to take action towards the goal. When I mean taking action, I mean you forget every other thing around you and put all your focus on your already set goal. See I tell you, you came to this world alone and you go alone so anybody you make friends with you need to monitor them. Friends can demotivate you from your focus. So try your best to deviate from those type of people.

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