It is acknowledged that education is both an instrument of change and stability. In other words, education helps one to shift the chaff from the wheat in terms of culture.


Cultures that are compatible with the 21st century are retained whereas, in the eyes of recent developments culture that retard our March to progress and civilization are discarded.

Take three igbo culture for example. The youths tends to welcome and perpetuate one of the cultures while they tend to deprecate the others.

Respect for elders is a part of igbos heritage. Until recently, when someone could wake up and drink himself into a chieftaincy title, the igbos never lagged behind the Hausas and Yorubas in the degree to which political power was centered in an Oba or Emir.

This does not mean that the igbos were anarchic indeed they maintained a degree of democracy unparalleled elsewhere through a network of elder representation. An elder represents his family village decision, while another elder represents the interests of the village in town discussion etc.

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Apart from the Democratic elements of this culture, before the advent of the British rule it enabled the preservation of law and order. Up to this day this aspect of our culture has been welcomed, practiced and perpetuated by successive youths.

Take the culture of bride price as another example. This culture is as old as the igbos themselves. It is a practice whereby girls are married at ridiculous prices known as BRIDE PRICE.

in those days when more hands meant bigger farm lands. The marriage of a daughter represents a minus to the family “A” and a plus to family “B”. In the light of this vacuum, some forms of compensation was necessary for family ‘A’. This is reduction to an equation which is essentially a spiritual affair.

This becomes necessary perhaps, to make up for feeding the siblings. This is of course an absurdity or it could be of ‘tit for tat’. I paid for my wife so you have to pay for your own. This makes the whole issue to be preposterous.

Today youth and culture

However, one looks at this culture, it has nothing to impact to today’s youth, hence, it’s total rejection by the youths. This is clearly a case of custom rejection for its regressive effect.

Another rejected practice is the ‘OSU SYSTEM’. This practice originated from the days when human beings were sacrificed to the gods,  or used as pawns when borrowing from juju priests.

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The off-springs of such men and women have almost been ostracised by the ‘DIALLAS‘ to the extent that those ‘diallas’ do not marry or mingle with the Osu.

Youths seems to query the logic of this culture and see it as another version of man’s inhumanity to man.

Youths have been helped to take this critical posture by education from within and outside the home – particularly the western type of education which has more deductive reasoning built into it than our traditional African form of education or acculturation.

This is a healthy development which carries with it the prospect of the black man taking his seat among the community of white nations assembled on the planet earth.

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