Nigeria, according to existing statistics is the largest, most populous black nation in the world. Every black person is usually interested in global affairs.

Nigeria is among the most richest endowed on the African content. This is because of the abundant deposit of crude oil and natural gas on the country’s territorial off shores.

While these are concentrated on the Niger Delta part of the country, other natural resources are available in other parts of the country.

Increase in inflation caused by Border closure

In addition, Nigeria boasts of more than 450 ethnic groups from across the length and breadth of her boundaries but have a general language, which is ‘English’, which is known as her ‘Lingua Franca’ bequeathed to her by her colonial master, Great Britain.

More so, she gained her freedom from the Great Britain on 1st October 1960 and become a Republic 1st October 1963.

Some of her heroes who help this great country achieve it’s independence are people like Nnamdi Azikaiwe, Ahmadu Bello, Herbert Macaulay, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, chief Obafemi Awolowo and many others.

Nigeria has been ruled by many leaders and has been growing from grass to grace.

Consequently, upon this, it is clear that after these hard times that our heroes gone through just to make Nigeria great, we Nigerians have not put more effort from where our heroes have stopped.

Nigeria is still under development because of so many things that need to be tackled before we are rated the most under developed.


Firstly, the problem of kidnapping.
The current menace of this trend in the Niger Delta region of our dear country, in which the perpetrators of this acts demand for a ransom in other to free their captured ones, which is not only embarrassing to Nigeria but the entire black race.

It even scares potential investors away from from all around the world. Kidnapping started in Nigeria only a couple of years ago.

Initially it was part of the strategies developed by groups that agitated for the rights of the members of host communities to oil exploration activities.

The lack of a deliberate policy on employment opportunities for the youths in oil producing States has also aggravated this problem of kidnapping as means of earning a living by youths.

The government and the oil companies should therefore, concisely initiate a policy of creating jobs in the oil industries for the youths in this country thereby keeping them at bay from criminal actions as a strange to survive.

Skirt use by NYSC MeMembers, DG Speaks

Bribery and Corruption.

The second problem is Bribery and Corruption.

This has become the order of the day in Nigeria. It has eaten deep into the roots of development.

It has also become a norm or normal affair in the country.

During elections, our so called leaders will want to see their party win indefinitely at all cost and having won they forget those that elect them into office and the promise they made.

Instead, they gather the wealth of the nation that is supposed to be for the development of the country into their private pockets leaving the citizens to suffer.

The government should learn to be honest and fair to the citizens.

More so, the high cost of education has become a serious problem in the country.

Many Nigerian youths who would have become useful for the advancement of the country could not achieve their aims due to their inability to afford good and standard education.

A case study is seen in Lagos University where the fees were raised despite the pleading of guardians and parents.

The University pays no listening ears and a retrenchment of students back to the slums and street of the country.

International Vocational Centre (IVC) Scholarship for Nigerians

Finally, consider the rise in the cost of Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) which is for only one day and the cost of G. C. E. that runs for months or so, one would see that the rising cost of education in Nigeria calls for alarm and cogent remedy.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that the new government through the help of honourable citizens and youths would help to develop and not under develop our country because a country can not develop in an under developing situation.

Co-operation and honesty on the part of the government is our only key to eliminating under development and embracing long lasting development in our country NIGERIA.

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