What is life to him that is dying,

What is life to him who is being denied the ability to live among humans?

What is life to him who has not yet met the source of life?

What is life to him who the walls of life are coming down on him?

Life! Life!! Life!!! …. Everybody is taking about life,
What is so important about life.

Is life meant to live and die after?

Is life the best thing one could ever have?

Is life the greatest thing one can ever live for?

Nevertheless my dear futoites,

Life is all about being positive and,
Being what you are created to be by your creditor.

But on the other hand,

If you think life is a party,

Then your primary value in life will be to have fun.

And if you see life as a race,

You will value speed so much that you will never part with it,

And will probably be in hurry all the time.


If you view life like a marathon,

You will value endurance.

If you see life like a battle or game,

Winning will be of paramount importance to you.

If you see life as accumulation of material things,

Your primary value will be to get rich.

When you see life as getting the best out of it,

Then you will value working hard to achieve it.

Finally my dear friends,

Life is all about walking with God and being what he made you to be.

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