Exam malpractice, Reasons

Exam malpractice has corrupted the natural desire of every student to excel in his /her academic pursuit. Some students, in some cases, find this elusive with a particular subject or courses.

Despite all their struggling and effort, they still experience consistent failure leading to discouragement, loss of self-confidence in passing examinations and determination to attain their aspirations and dreams and this sadly leads to exam malpractice.

One can be dismayed too by the high rate of students failure in examinations or poor performance.

On the other hand it should be noted that failure is not a natural phenomenon (people are not created that way) because every individual has the ability and capacity to read, understand, recall and pass exams.

In the light of this, the following will help you to examine the causes of failure and some of these causes are within the control of the students. Indeed, everyone can overcome them if he /she is determined to do so.

Remedies of poor reading culture


Some students have the custom of disliking of teachers. Some of them because of no reason but some say one or two things which are of no actual reason for such dislike. The way the teacher teach or not being able to explain to their understanding may be a cause too. Some teachers use their period too for story telling. This some have complained as being the cause of their dislike for the teacher.


To some people going to school is want to do when there is free time or whenever you want. Absence from school will empty you and you can’t be able to do anything during examination.


To some students, assignments is for people who don’t know what to do with their time or a waste of time. This in particular have much effect on exam malpractice.


Students procrastinate the importance of studying and it associates, making them not ready for the examination, hence they engage in exam malpractice.


Laziness on the part of many students will make them not to be serious about their academics.


Association people make may help them or harm them.


Carelessness has lead many to engage in exam malpractice. Due to carelessness many people forget about the important aspect of their studies an some in examinations.

Problems and prospect of girl child education


Some students took their studies as nothing an have in mind that they can answer questions any time if asked due to over confidence.


Some students never have the confidence that they can write exam and pass it on their own.


Due to the fact that they had failed before may weigh them down that they can never get it better. 

These are some of the causes why students fell EXAMINATIONS.

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