An Engineer

On my car every morning going to work, starring at the beautiful atmosphere around the city, entering into the company with the gate wide open by the gate man, walking straight to my office, working alongside all day with my coworkers in the company. Closing and driving back home happy.
Who am i, i am an Engineer, how come, i have finished my higher education at the university and now having a satisfying job.
It all started one day, a memorable day indeed, the start at the first day at the university.

First day at the university

My first day at the university is really a memorable one. With the happiness of gaining admission into the university, i was waiting eagerly for the resumption date to come.


A day before that i make sure that all my documents were ready. I arranged my clothes on my training bag and arranged all of them in my room. Could not sleep, waiting for the next day.

As the day break i rushed to the bathroom and took my bath, dress up and wait for my dad to take me to the motor park.

When we reach the park i board a vehicle and said goodbye to my dad and off we go. I reached the town where the university is around 5p.m.  With rain dropping the weather was cold. I board a taxi to the university.

University community

As I step down from the taxi , woo!! it is really a city in the universe. a beautiful environment with good sight seeing Arts around.

I walked down to the hostel and meet the portals and I was cleared and a room number was given to me. I walked to the room and I saw some of my room mate’s already there. I introduced myself and them too. I went to my corner, put my bags there and arrange my clothes properly. After that i joined them in their conversation and we have fun.

Chinese Government Scholarship at Beijing Institute of Technology

Later we walked round the facilities with other students in the hostel and every body was really happy.

At about 8p.m. we went to our different rooms and sleep off. it was a really memorable experience in my life.

Is it the same with you , your comments are appreciated.

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