Worst Tragedy

Feelings of self-worthlessness is the highest tragedy that can happen to someone. you may ask , what is self-worthlessness, a person may be said to be self-worthless if he/she took himself /herself as equal to noting.

Not being able to archive any thing many said may lead to someone to feel self-worthless. This may include not being able to archive a particular thing he /she wants to archive at a period or having losing everything he or she has to tragic events.what may be the remedy.

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Life not fair

knowing that life itself is not fair and life first always useful. you have your life so you can can return to what ever you wants to be in life. you just need to “take the bull by the horn”.you need to ask yourself what is really the problem? is it because of my carelessness or naturally occurring incident.

But know that what ever it is the solution is simple. in life on most occasions our problem is our making. so we need to know where the problem started and begin to analyze our actions which will help us to get where we get things wrong.

Take your time and go through your actions bit by bit. these analysis will help you not to make same mistake again in future.   

If the problem is naturally occurring events you need to take some of the remedlies above. for  example when someone lost his or her well paying job and that is the only source of income for the family and other things he or she does is  always heartbreaking.

Fire may burn someones market and so many other things.

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In these cases i will recommend that you after taking the aforementioned steps should took to your feet and go to some of the government agencies set up for helping people that such things befell and take some incentives that is made available to you.

These may be in form of money or job opportunities , any one can help you back on your feet. these can be the remedy.

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