Problems and prospects of Girl child Education in Nigeria

Girl child
Problems and prospects of Girl child education in Nigeria

In recent years, women in the social economic development in the country has become an issue of importance.

Despite this, the privilege as well as inferior societal status accorded women in the society is not that encouraging.

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Girl child Education discouraging

Adaralegba (1992) opined that the socio-economic effect of parental attitudes towards the girl child education situated in Nigeria is discouraging.

So an able and willing girl is given unequal opportunity to acquire education when compared with the male child.         

 Women are given few rights than men, this is due to the unequal opportunity given at an early stage to acquire education between the girl child and the boy child.

In Nigeria, women are still held in low regard in some extent, when still, if all the children are girls, the man looks outside for a boy child successor.

Therefore, it is considered a waste to spend a lot of money in educating a girl child as it is presumed she will eventually end in the kitchen.

So When it comes to making educational choice, the girl child is usually not favoured in the family.

Welcomed prejudice

This is old prejudice and there are still much in vague.         

Late Tafawa Balewa stress the need for Nigerians to realise the importance of girl child education when he said an i quote “education is the best and most valuable legacy any parent could leave behind for a child”.

Today Nigerians should realise that women have an important role to play in raising the standard of the community an society both socially and economically and more effectively too, if they are educated.     

The importance attached to education particularly Western education is vivid throughout Nigeria except that the degree of attainment varies with gender, society and class.

This problem of low educational attainment in terms of girl child gender is more pronounced in the Northern part of Nigeria.             

There are factors that contribute to the prevalence of this problems of lo low girl child educational attainment in Nigeria, prominent among these are.


The cultural believes affected girl child participation in nation building, where they believe that women are made to be in the kitchen and, or, to look after the children at home.

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Some Religious beliefs never give room for women to participate in national development.

Women are denied that right to come and participate.  


This aspect is where the men are seen as better than women, whom are seen as weaker vessels in the society.  


When girls get married, the husband will deny them from going out, talk more of participation in any thing that will bring development to the nation and world at large.  


This is one of the menace of the society where girl child will involve herself into motherhood before marriage.

Most parents tried to avoid unwanted pregnancy, which is why deny their child education.     

The attitude of parents in Nigeria towards the girl child education is what this article is all about.

Futhermore, Previous researches shows that the enrolment of girl child into the schools is relatively low compared to their male counterparts.

The assertions are that women are not worthy because even if educated, they end up in another man’s house.

Therefore, they prefer sending their male child counterparts to since they are pillars of the home.            

Due to the changing roles in the family an in the society today, the role of women has become vital in nation building.

Due to this reason, women do not want to be subjected to ill-treatment or marginalisation their counterparts.

This warrants the need to educate parents on the importance of girl child education.

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Importance of Girl child Education

When a girl is educated, it will lead to;

  1. Citizens empowerment, as women contributes the higher number of Nigerian population.  
  2. It will secure the educational potentials of future generations, as the children acquire their first education from their mothers.  
  3. Gender equality and social development.
  4. Girl child education can increase the potential of Nigeria, skills, labour and other professions.  
  5. Alleviates through self sustenance.
  6. Will consolidate the citizens right and civic liberty as well as reducing the dependency of the economy.

So taking bold step in seeing that the girl child education is a priority will really develop our girls mentally and socially too.

Your comments are welcome.  

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